Open a Domain

Transfer Domain Procedure


Start with your "Current registrar"

  1. Login to current registrar
  2. Make sure your administrative contact email is current
  3. Make sure the domain you want to transfer out is "unlocked"
  4. Request an "Authorization Code"

Some registrars will allow immediate download of the "Authorization Code" and subsequently email it to you.

New registrar

  1. Follow the Sign up procedure with NEW registrar
  2. Request domain transfer "in"
  3. Follow instructions for registration payment
  4. Submit the "Authorization Code"
  5. Log out and then wait for email notification.


A final confirmation email that the transfer has been completed will take 4 to 6 days. Please note that the current registrar has up to 5 days to release the transfer of the domain.

During the process with the NEW registrar you will pay the transfer price. That price is determined by the period of time you wish to register the domain name. It is most common to pay for the minimun period which is one year. This year is added to the current expiration date, not to the date of the transfer, so all existing registration time is retained.


Our Registration fee at Open a domain is only $9.99 per year. This low price is valid for new and transfer in ".com" domain names.


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